You Can’t Quit Your Job and Travel the World

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“Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.” –Alan Keightley

I’m not an established lifestyle design blogger. I’m not a popular adventurer with the wit of Mark Twain. I’m quitting my corporate cubicle 9-5 job and I’m traveling the world indefinitely. My friends and family understand but they don’t quite get it.

But I’m not here on this little earth for folks to get where I’m always coming from. There is too much of the world to see, too many people to meet, too many smells and sights waiting for me. The map above has been my tentative plan for a bit over the last year. Over the next few months I will keep unraveling my travel plans, and eventual execution of this world trip. As a minimalist traveler, I’ll keep an update of what I travel with, what my budget looks like, and any other jazz that crosses my path.

Of course, it is all subject to change. Life happens. And I won’t be one to get in the way.

But I will be one to make it happen.

David William.
February 16th, 2011.

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  1. Love it! Can’t wait! Let’s get out of here already. P.S Your blog is looookin good habibi!

  2. I look forward to following you around the world! Ash and I will join you in a few destinations.



    • Jajaja! Maxi, te extrano! Un dia, un dia, yo lo prometo! Te mando un beso che!

  4. Todd | ChannelingMyself

    Gotta love your determination, if I didn’t have kids I would be doing the same thing.

    • I’m glad you mentioned that… Check out these two families who live courageously, travel, and make it happen as a family!

      This family of six have been traveling the globe in an 83-year old truck!

      And this family converted a 78 passenger school bus into a unique mobile home!

      Now that is inspiring!!

      • Todd | ChannelingMyself

        Thanks for the links. I have 50/50 custody of my 2 boys with my ex wife. If things were different I would be on that bus 🙂

        • Hmm… well for now I am temporarily stumped, but I guess that just means you’ll have to be the crazy person that comes up with a way to travel with your 2 boys on 50/50 custody! Now that would be a story I’d love to pass along! 🙂

  5. You seem to have missed a rather large continent out there… No, not Antarctica…

    • Haha. Well, New Zealand isn’t technically a continent… Oh, you meant Australia? Yeah, I’ve forgotten about that little island 🙂

      Actually, I lived in New Zealand for a year so heading that far down under wasn’t too high on my priority list. I’d be stoked to hit OZ but money could really get sucked up to make that trek. I’m open to whatever happens though. Perhaps I’ll surprise us all!

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  9. Hi ,
    I also noticed you may miss Australia . Happy travelling .

    • Perhaps not! I am willing to let the winds guide me. Perhaps I’ll be there soon enough! 🙂

  10. When you’re in Europe, you should visit Slovakia also,even if just for a day. It’s a great little country.

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