Vintage Sewing Table repurposed and completely re-built. The sewing machine was an antique industrial piece used during World War II for hemming. The sewing machine has been removed. The metal frame was completely disassembled, sanded down, and re-painted. The original maple wood top had years of paint carefully removed. The beautiful maple wood underneath has been restored. You can even see the curly maple’s wavy grain patterns in some of the pieces and the metal stains where the sewing machine was bolted down. The sewing machine was unfortunately not salvageable for this piece, but we removed the original sewing machine metal tag and embedded it into the top of the table. The metal base is sturdy and welded to ensure longevity. The once moveable foot pedal has been welded into a flat position (for your favorite flower pot).

Sewing Machine Table2__1431385736_73.36.171.171
Repurposed vintage sewing table.
Sewing Machine Table3__1431385773_73.36.171.171
Curly maple wood top originally covered by years of paint, stripped and sanded.
Sewing Machine Table4__1431385795_73.36.171.171
Hand rubbed clear coat finish.
Sewing Machine Table5__1431385816_73.36.171.171
Sewing machine foot pedal welded into flat position.
Sewing Machine Table6__1431385844_73.36.171.171
The entire metal frame was disassembled, stripped, and re-painted.
Sewing Machine Table7__1431385893_73.36.171.171
Detail shot of hex bolts. Table legs are felt bottomed.
Sewing Machine Table8__1431385912_73.36.171.171
The frame has been welded and bolted for rigidity.
Sewing Machine Table10__1431385944_73.36.171.171
The original sewing machine was bolted in. These holes were filled with maple to match the wood. The original metal stains have been kept in the wood grain.
Sewing Machine Table11__1431385964_73.36.171.171
The original sewing machine medallion was removed and embedded into the table top for posterity.
Sewing Machine Table12__1431385982_73.36.171.171
The end grain shows the history of this simple and elegant piece.
Sewing Machine Table13__1431385997_73.36.171.171
The vintage sewing table measures 21” wide by 48” long by 29” tall.
Sewing Machine Table15__1431386025_73.36.171.171
Front shot of the vintage sewing table.