Surely I’m Not Your Sage

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(And Why I Don’t Wear Sunglasses)

October 19th, 2011


The past few weeks have been slow posting for me, but surprisingly I’ve been getting a lot of emails about different posts I’ve written up. Connecting with folks on this platform has been a huge encouragement for me, and I’m happy to see when I can also help others.

Most of the emails are questions about different things I’ve written about here. For instance, this past week alone I’ve gotten emails about how to rebuild certain parts of a 1969 Honda. I’ve also connected with two people about my Huck Finn rafting down the Mississippi River adventure. Another person emailed me about vintage CZ motorcycles, specifically a 1947 he found on Craigslist. And just today I received another email about how to find and build up a warehouse space.


This gets me excited.


I realize I’m no sage, and surely I’m not your sage. But wisdom and experience are things we all have. It’s an important goal of mine to have a wide variety of experiences and diverse knowledge. I am always one to jump into the brains of those with experiences and wisdom of things outside my realm. And that’s why I get so excited when others find the same thing in me.


I don’t wear sunglasses for two reasons:

1. I appreciate colors too much. Sunglasses dim colors and lighting and pull me from what I feel is the living world.

2. I want the squinting eye wrinkles. Yes, I said it. There’s something missing when one has wisdom and no wrinkles. So on my quest for wisdom, knowledge, and experience, I’m always looking for wrinkles. Oh yeah, that’s also why I like smiling often.

I’m not anyone’s sage. I certainly don’t have many answers. But it’s good to connect with folks and get their view of things. Just remember that even the experts can be wrong. Of course, your emails, questions and comments are always welcomed and desired.



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  1. What I love about you the most is your willingness to share your knowledge. I think that is what will make you a great professor one day! We have so many beautiful colors to see once we are traveling and I don’t plan on bringing the shaded… Packing light. I’m excited to see what you come up with next and who wants a bite at it.

    Besos for a great post! I’ll expect them when I get home! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Meg! Your encouragement makes me feel like I just may be doing the right thing. πŸ™‚

  2. Your blog inspires many, I have no doubt about it.

    Hoping for wrinkles? I get it and applaud you. I tell myself that I have earned the crow’s feet and ever deepening furrows. That these are badges of honor. Now I just need to be better at believing myself. Damn you society and your obsession with beauty!

    I’m adding a smiley even though it will lead to even more wrinkles. πŸ™‚

    • What better way to get those wrinkles than by sharing a smile and squinting at the sun? Perfection.

      And good for you for earning yours!

  3. Ah yes, the benefits of brown eyes. πŸ™‚

  4. Todd | Channelingmyself

    Hey David,

    If your after wrinkles have a few kids, that will do it for sure!

    • Hahah. Thanks for the heads up Todd, but I think that’ll bring on the gray hairs which I am willing to wait on… πŸ™‚

  5. Ha I don’t wear sunglasses for the same reason! I don’t enjoy wearing them at all. Plus, I would always lose them anyway so I gave up.

    Hope all is fabulous!

    • I tend to break them, so I’m with you. Perhaps that’s the real reason I don’t wear them…

  6. Haha yes! Laugh lines, I want them! Also, I’ve never understood people who wear sunglasses all the time. I do when I’m trying to read at the beach or something but most often I want to see the sunshine, the brightness!

    Congrats on all the connections you’ve made, and the experiences you’ve had and shared.


    • Jackie, you’re one of these great folks I’m happy to have met. Not many people have been through as much as you have, and so young. You’re earning your smile lines! πŸ™‚

      • David! YOU are one of those GREAT folks I am happy to have met. We are blessed to have met each other. Someday I hope with all hope that we can grab tea and sit in a park under a tree, talking about travels, the external and internal ones.

        Today at the airport I talked to a lovely old lady about how I’m grateful to have fallen off that roof, for how it has changed me, for all it has given me.

        Thanks for your comment on my blog. I’m drafting a new post now as that one is two months old!

        Love and light and laughter πŸ™‚

  7. Alex 1095 Days to Freedom

    Hey David, great post. I like when people are sincere.

    My sunglasses actually enhance the vividness of the colors and that is exactly why I like to wear them πŸ™‚

    The world looks more beautiful through them.

    I guess that’s what people call “looking at the world through pink glasses”.

  8. David, the greatest thing I’ve received, by far, form my time spent on my own sites and blogs is, as you say, connecting with others who have similar ways of thinking as myself.

    I find it so hard to meet these kinds of people ‘randomly’ wherever I lay my head, but through mediums such as blogging and Twitter, I’ve connected with so man amazing individuals who spur me on in o many ways, and who keep the thought alive inside me that things don’t have to be the way they ‘say’ the have to be πŸ™‚

  9. I shall hopefully ask you about the wrinkles when you are in your forties… although they are deemed not so offensive on men.

    But also take care as constant sun exposure is not great for human eyes depending on where you live and your usual temperatures. There…that’s me being sage-like.

    • Ah yes, another benefit of being a man. However, we should destroy these gender biases… I say smile wrinkles on anyone should be desired!

  10. Com’n, you must be kidding! Wrinkles have nothing to do with wisdom. Contrary statement is also true. But I wwouls agree on colours. That’s the reason I don’t loke sunglasses either – the colours disappear.

  11. This is moronic, unless you have a plan to protect your eyes from UV damage which you’ve neglected to share here.

    I suppose being a minimalist you are less likely to trip over something in your home if you are blind.

  12. But also take care as constant sun exposure is not great for human eyes depending on where you live and your usual temperatures. There…that’s me being sage-like.Marla Ahlgrimm

  13. Oooh. Yet another reminder of why I feel like cities are not meant to be. In the country I would wear a wide-brimmed hat and be totally fine and felt that when I was working I couldn’t see well enough with sunglasses on. But in the city all the light refracting off the pavement and buildings and cars are too much!

  14. Would be be possible to use you image of the man with the wrinkled face for an art project?
    Also can you provide me a little info about this guy?

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