Retirement at 26 years old

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(or Every Day is Monday)

September 20th, 2011



I meant to fire this post off yesterday, but now that I’m fully retired and every day is a Monday, well today is just as good for me.

Okay, I’m not going to let my brain melt with inactivity or the mindless musings of a (very privileged) retired 26 year old. Sure I’ve worked hard for this day, saving intensely, living frugally, etc but let’s be real here: this is the culmination of all of human history- generations working jobs they hated- so that one day we could have it easy.


Well Monday was that day for me.


My old man tells me I have too much enthusiasm to fall. So with that, I’m off to live my life on my own terms. This life bohemian has long been in motion, but today (or rather yesterday) marks a significant shift for me, almost 2 years in the making.


Don’t let anyone tell you it isn’t possible.


When the question is asked, “so what do you do?’ I simply respond, ‘I’m retired’.

A more elaborate answer? My career is now my life.


So here we are. The next few months will be spent here in the states working on assorted projects and life interests. Then, it’s off to international lands for an indefinite spell. This is going to be good.



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  1. Or, “my career is now both subordinate and integrated with my life.” Amen! There is no more “classical” retirement for those who would work in the kingdom of joy,

    • Classical retirement is a long forgotten myth. We’re the generation to prove that! Every day is one spent on passion!

  2. The envy is rising within me, but I know I could have the exact same experience. Fear keeps me from taking the necessary steps to fulfill my dreams. Fear holds me back from leaving the comfort of a job, and the comforts of my home.

    • Matt, I have a feeling you’ll soon be hitting the traveling road with your beautiful wifey too. You’ve got the itch to make it happen. Don’t live a life that’s safe and normal.

  3. I love this: “this is the culmination of all of human history- generations working jobs they hated- so that one day we could have it easy.”

    We try to recognize this in many areas. Whether it be our Grandparents, the freedom riders or the men who resisted at Stonewall – we are benefitting from the struggle of others and need to honor their contribution.

    Oh, and this is not just going to be good. This IS good. 🙂

  4. I’m definitely missing something here… pardon my asking the obvious, but where do you get your money once retired??? Have you really saved enough up to now to finance the rest of your life? Thanks for sharing your secret! 😉

  5. A day you’ll never forget, to be certain – and something to which we can all aspire.
    Well done, sir. I hope it’s everything you dreamed of.

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  7. Congrats.
    It’s a new way to live. That’s for sure. Are you going to change your blog’s name from almostbohemian to bohemian? Let’s see what happens next.
    Song for you:

  8. Wow! I am even behind on commenting on your blog. Yikes. I still support you 100% even though I have been MIA. I am so happy for your retirement. I have never seen you happier. I am excited to see your new projects unfold and I will be here to help you stay on track and focused on one project at a time. 😉

    I wish I was in a position to retire with you… one day! Instead I will just be your sugar mama for now.

    Thanks for all your support while I am doubling up. You are the best!

    Happy Retirement!

  9. So excited for you! What are some of your projects while you’re in the states?

    I’m doing my best to follow your inspiration and live more like you, David. Heading to Idaho for a month starting October 3rd. Just for a change of pace and travel!


  10. I can only imagine the joy each day brings you! I am anxious to heat about the ongoing projects!

  11. Congratulations! Can’t wait to read about what’s next…especially the international lands bit. And if “this life bohemian” is available, you should buy the domain. 🙂

  12. Enjoy every second of retirement. I hope you start up some good projects in the meantime and have some great adventures abroad. You should have plenty of time to do anything you want now.

  13. i hope you hit up the NW coast!! (specifically Seattle, more specifically my neighborhood!

  14. Something tells me Benji put you up to this! That being said, I love it!

  15. Good for you and hurrah! 🙂

  16. Laura M. | smash your t.v.

    I’m late coming to this post but I’ve been kind of MIA. This is amazing. I hope you are able to do everything you dream of doing. 🙂

    • I’m glad to see you around Laur! I think our generation is all about living on our own terms. It’s high time we get to it.

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