Thank God It’s Monday

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June 2nd, 2011


You may have noticed my absence recently. I spent a chunk of the past week in Los Angeles; meeting up with friends and taking a short break away from work and life in San Diego and the ‘net. Even these little escapes can put things in perspective.

I met up with an old college roommate who is now living in Portland. He pulls eye balls out of dead people in the dreary Pacific northwest. We decided early on that we wanted to hobo it for old time’s sake. This means sleeping on rooftops (a theatre off of Sunset Blvd in Hollywood and a rooftop of a Victoria house-turned-restaurant in Santa Monica). That photo above is him passed out cold on the beach. We splurged when it came to food, turning only to cheap coffee and greasy spoon diners. No dumpsters for us.

Cutting out and bailing on my regular life reminded me that I have a lot to change. Living for the weekend or the time away from ‘work’ can’t be healthy nor sustainable. I don’t want to subscribe to the TGIF lifestyle.


I want to be thankful it’s Monday.


So what are you doing to make sure every day is a weekend? What are you initiating in your life to see that every day is a day spent on work you are wild and passionate about?


It’s high time for me to re-focus my energies on my passions. I’m not here to completely hark on the 9-5 lifestyle. If you’re doing what you love during the hours of 9-5, then damn it, good for you. But if not, do you really want to keep living for Friday?’

Why not wake up and be happy because every day is one you spend how you want to spend it? I know I want to say ‘Thank God It’s Any Day’. Even Monday. Okay, so now I have to get there.


*The idea for this blog post was part inspired by my time away from work and part inspired by a comment I read on Illuminated Mind. Thanks Derek!

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  1. It sounds like you had a great time in LA. I am very jealous of your hobo adventure, well parts of it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe we can do an adventure soon. I think we need a break from corporate America. Santa Barbara maybe? I still really want to do a mini-trip on the new bike. Anyways… I know you will have all lovely days soon. I am looking forward to that time in our lives when everyday feels like a weekend. We do well on the weekends. ๐Ÿ™‚ I will help you get your applications posted and I will do some job research for you. After all I was your advisor. Happy Thursday, I will try and make it like a Saturday when you get home!

    • Meg, a trip up to Santa Barbara would be very nice! And on the motorcycle we can ride in style! How about we escape corporate america and do it up for good? That sounds right to me ๐Ÿ™‚

      And yes, the weekends are our time. Let’s make every day a weekend.

  2. I think I know that dumpster. Taught surfing at Venice by the jetty.

    Spend hours roller-blading from Santa Monica to Dockweiler and back in 80s Gotcha shorts. Miss LA almost as much as SD. No. Don’t miss LA. Love a 10mi sphere w/diameter points at LMU and Sunset Blvd.

    Hasidic texts claim that each new day begins at NIGHT. To be able to T-GIM, I have been considering the way I cultivated my nights. Sleeping becomes an integral part of the DAY. Not the end-of-day collapse.

    Waiting for Friday is like waiting for retirement. There is no retirement for the BoHo or Geek Heroic life.


    • Mark, you are right. The BoHo life has no room for retirement. I like the idea of sleep being part of the day, rather than an end of day wipe out.

      There is a blog post in there…. ๐Ÿ™‚

      As for L.A., yeah, you need to get back out here. I’m not sure how much it has changed since the 80s, but I’m willing to guess it’s just getting crazier. I enjoy L.A. but it is nice to escape it too. Trade those blades for a board and I’m there!

  3. If you’re going to cruise to Santa Barbara, be sure to stop off in Ventura which is a happenin’ little town and I love it. You might see us in SB because it’s on our list of places to hang out in this summer, probably in conjunction with a camping trip to Refugio and a visit to the CA native gardens there.
    I am one of the lucky ones–I’ve carved out a little niche doing something I love and incredibly so has my husband! We are blessed! There’s also the part about finding your passion where you just CHOOSE.
    You might let your Pdx friend know that SD also has an Eye Bank. My daughter’s friend worked there for several years. If he wants to continue to pull eyeballs, he can do it in a sunny spot (I’m a Pdx native, so yeah, I know dreary).

    • Willow, I am inspired that you do what you love! I can’t live a life ‘working’. I want to spend it on my passions. I have enough of them, so it should be easy.

      The strange this is that my buddy actually prefers the lack of sunshine. He complained that there wasn’t enough gloom. We did get a little drizzle one night on the theater roof. I managed to crawl under an awning so I stayed dry. He slept through it all. He is at home in the rain.

      So, I’ll see you in SB then! Just keep an eye out of an old motorcycle and a pretty girl sitting behind me!

  4. rob white

    Great stuff, David. My biggest breakthrough (more than 30 years ago now) was realizing I was living for the weekend. Miserable at my job and becoming a weekend alcoholic I decided to turn my life around. It is the most important task we can take on – living from our authentic nature is a 24/7 inside/out job.

    • Rob, you nailed it. We owe it to ourselves to live a 24/7 passionate life. I’m happy to hear you have had over 30 years of that life. I can see that excitement from your blog! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great post. Trying to make every day a weekend is a great goal. But it does take a lot of hard work. In the end though, it will be worth it.

    I knew that things had to change for me when I realized that I was only happy once Friday rolled around. I started to wish that Monday would never come. Now I work on my passions and hopefully I’ll get to the point where every day will be like a weekend for me.

    • That Friday happiness feeling hit me. I grew up hearing the TGIF and thought it only applied to school. Turns out, it’s even worse when you work full time where your passions aren’t aligning.

      It will be worth it. I am determined to make my life greater than evenings and weekends. I hope you make it too!

  6. Hi David,
    Thank you for mentioning me.
    As of your post goes. I like the poetic, flowy feel of it, just like your ants post. I think you are a dreamer and an artist at heart. Creative, smart people, like you, rule this world. They always have.
    Keep your dream alive. I nurture mine every day. Once we can say TGIM, evrything changes!

    • Derek, well thanks for the inspiration. And especially thanks for the encouragement on my writing. The dreamer in the artist will lead the way. I intend on igniting my passions for the rest of my days. Here is to every day being a happy Monday!

  7. I love the post, the notion and the writing! I so agree and am taking action toward this goal. I am fortunate that my job allows me to have great flexibility and I get to work with and support others in their professional growth. I am a staff development coordinator who works with teachers and educational leaders, school districts etc. My work is about inspiring and supporting others and I only commit to work I believe in. A big issue though is that it is work that is still overshadowed by the big machine of bureaucracy and is a M-F kind of work style. So, it could be worse! And it is not where I want to stay. Regardless of this, I DO wake up thankful for the day no matter what the day. I make certain every day is full of bliss – even weekend like bliss – no matter what day it is. Sometimes (often) it is about the small moments of bliss and we don’t have to wait for a particular day for those moments.

    I love the pic of your friend on the beach out cold.

    I totally agree with the idea of making sleep (maybe sleep without sleeping ๐Ÿ™‚ )a part of the DAY.

    • Liane,

      It sounds like you’ve allowed yourself to land in a great set up. Good for you! The education system is enough to make me grind my teeth. You nailed it with the bureaucrazy. And no that wasnt a typo. I completely support the troops (like you) that make the commitment to educate our nations youth.

      It is all about those little victories that can fall on any day of the week. But waking up every day should feel like the next best day of your life. I’m not quite there yet.

      But if zonking out on the beach can inspire me more, I’ll be happy to take a few more sabbaticals!

      • I Probably should clarify a little…I do have a good set up in that I have flexibility and work with people in a really great way. I love to connect with people so that is great. When you do something for your job where teachers say to you – wow you taught me something, you really helped me, you inspired me or a teacher changes what they do and its better for kids its pretty cool. I choose to focus on that so the insanity of the educational system and confines of the job dont make me crazy. So its not as bad as dreading sitting in a cubicle all day. I, like you, have other passions though and I am seeking a way to blend some of the cool things I already do with those passions. Just yesterday at the gym I even pondered a radical change completely…need to ponder it more. I had come to realize over recent years that by choosing to be happy despite circumstances actually allowed more of what I want to come my way. By allowing a more positive vibe to flow it is like opening the floodgates of more good stuff! I do love my Fridays and the adventures that come with the weekend but I am sitting here this morning feeling blissful with my cup of coffee listening to the birds sing! Have an awesome Tuesday!! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Liane, if we could all be so blessed to have your outlook! ๐Ÿ™‚ I am determined to make mine the same way!

          I hope you elaborate more on the radical change you are pondering… Let’s get the inspiration flowing!

  8. Todd | Channelingmyself

    Hi David,

    Your post reminds me of a co-worker many years ago who told me he went to California for a few years just to be a bum and live on the beach. He often talked about what a great experience it was.

    I agree that it is time to change perspective, I’ve been living for too long in that “wash, rinse, repeat” cycle and the time has come to get out of this mundane lifestyle.

    • Todd, it sounds like your co-worker may be just the inspiration. Though I’m not too sure I could beach bum it for a few years. That may be too much sun and sand…

      I’d be happy to hear your plans on breaking the ‘wash, rinse, repeat’ lifestyle. Feeding off each other may be just the action we all need!

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  10. annie andre

    Glad you are back. I was away too but now i am back.

    I really love how you get little life meanings from daily activities.

    Lets see, i usually have no idea what day it is anymore. I’m no stranger to living for Fridays and dreading Mondays. Its no way to live. But living as a HOBO is no way either. Hence my byline on my blog “Adventurously living for practical people”. Finding that balance is crucial.

    I think if you stick with your passions and what your are good at and plan your life around that, then you might have less of the TGIF syndrome. Start now though, don’t wait. It can take years to cultivate that into a career. Even then, you can still get burnt out by your passions. I was very passionate about analytics. ( know it sounds boring). I was a math and economics major and i love numbers) Every job i had embraced my passion for analytics. But then the job always consumed me and i usually had no life outside of work. I got sucked back into that TGIF mentality.

    You and Meg are already really well rounded people and on your way to living a wonderful life. I can tell in your writing and in your comments to one another. Many people don’t even know that they have other options and don’t bother looking for alternatives to the status quo pro.


    • Annie

      Let me just start off by saying that I really enjoyed seeing your travel gear for the whole family. Crazy that you are able to do it! You are truly living what you so many believe is impossible.

      Sticking with your passions is a must. An absolute must. Of course, it’s also okay if those passions change or shift over time. That said, you are definitely crazy (passion for analytics!?!). ๐Ÿ™‚

      Meg is such a delight to have in my life. She is a great encourager and a super passionate person. I am really excited about pursuing this life to the wildest and the fullest! Thank you for you very kind words and encouragement! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Philipp Knoll

      Annie (and David), this is a funny experience I had as well. Ever since I don’t rush to an office anymore I never know what date or day of the week it is. And it really doesn’t matter! It is another day I get up, spend time with the kids while taking them to kindergarten and school, a day I do my things etc. It is another day I LIVE!

      I love that you experience the same thing.

      • Philipp this is exactly the feeling I want. In fact, anytime I meet someone who is confused of the date, I feel the envy surge in me. I hope you accidentally take your kids to school on a weekend. Those are the kinds of mistakes I’d like to see in my life ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Sharing a great post from Seth Godin that is fitting here…

    • Oh and thanks for sharing this link. Seth Godin articles are always encouraged around here! I read this one the other day and thought, damn that is exactly it. It’s all in the value you place on yourself. This is the right springboard to get me motivated to make some serious changes in my life.

  12. Philipp Knoll

    Hey David,

    There is so much wrong with how we live in our society and with how we choose our priorities. Your post perfectly illustrates that!

    There just isn’t enough time in any life to waste a great deal of each day doing things you are told to instead of things you choose to do.

    Don’t get me wrong – even self-employedI have to get work done that I’m not particularly crazy about. But altogether this is what I chose and it makes the boring tasks easier to bear.

    Someone has to run the system – it that is necessary at all which I lately doubt a lot – and I’m extremely thankful for each individual happily going after a 9-5 job. We can’t all be bloggers, photographers, musicians etc. Somebody has to do the dirty work. But it is way better if it is done by people enjoying it!

    • I am realizing that there will always be people available to do the dirty work. Meeting people that lack inspiration and passion is easy. It’s finding these souls with fire in their guts that seems to be few and far between. Of course, the nice thing is that we get to all connect via the web. And on here, the community suddenly seems so small!

      And I no longer what to ask another adult when I can take a day off, or if I can go to lunch, or leave early, etc etc.

      This whole system needs a revision.

  13. this doesnt make sense to me. how can we try to have evry day a monday. then we would hate fridays or another day.

    i do want to have a job that i want to go to everyday though. it seems harder and harder to do that.

    • Chris, my greater point is to find the value in every day without dreading any one day. So if I’m my days spent doing things I’m passionate about, well then, I’m doing alright. ๐Ÿ™‚

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