How to Never Poo Again

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Minimalism forces a focus on what is necessary, what is desired, and what is needed. Because of this, I take a lot of time to consider even the consumables of my life. I’ve recently seen a lot of buzz about shampoo-less living. You know, the harmful chemicals that go into these products and the absurd idea that we even need them. So never one to pass up a self-experiment, I took the plunge into ‘poo-less life. It’s been just under two months and I can verify that I’ll never look back to life with shampoo. It has been so successful that even my lovely girlfriend has jumped into the experiment.

I will never poo again. If that sort of thing interests you, read on!

So a little about myself… Well, I have had to shampoo my hair every day for the past 10+ years or risk looking like the unctuous kid that can cook french fries with the grease from his hair. Truly, I must have the most over-active sebaceous glands buried deep in my genetics. I have extremely soft, fine, silky hair. It is a curse. At least when you’re a guy and having princess hair is not hip.

But not using shampoo had never occurred to me.

So after the new year, I decided no more shampooing for me. I’d quit the shampoo game and see what happens. And to my surprise, the results are incredible! My hair isn’t greasy or oily. It doesn’t even lock in smells. I’ve even been to bonfires and all I need is a thorough head rub in the hot calm of a shower. Then boom goes the dynamite! I’m smelling clean and lookin’ sharp!

Now I must make this disclaimer: I do wash my hair dang-near-every-day. I just use hot water, no soap or shampoo. I also give myself a fine work over head massage in the shower every morning. Since I don’t have to bother with shampoo, I’ve taken a greater fondness to shower time meditations.

I know what you’re thinking… “Great, it worked for you, but that could never work for me!”

Well hold on and breathe a moment. What is the worst that happens? You have somewhat oily hair for three days? A week? Two weeks? Bah humbug! Worse things will happen in your life. So with that said, I give you:

5 Tips to Never Poo Again

1.      Start right now! Really, start right now. Don’t wait for the weekend (though it’s only a day away). Give it a shot, don’t look back.

2.      Be Persistent. It is tempting the first few days to throw in the towel. I wore a hat the first three days, but I did notice things got better shortly after that.

3.      Get Creative. Change up your style, wear hats, be bold, and own up! The worst part is starting, and I promise it isn’t that bad.

4.      Cheat! Yes, that’s right. Cheat! Cut corners. Maybe use shampoo once a week at first. Or conditioner only. Google no-shampoo alternatives. There are plenty of great ideas on how to wean yourself from shampoo. (See baking soda and vinegar remedies)

5.      Recognize Your Brilliance! You’ve just accomplished something great. You’re helping to destroy a consumer crazy market and bogus societal norm that is completely unnecessary. It’s only been since the 1970s that the shampoo craze has been readily bought up by us fools!

With all that said, I release you into the wild! Enjoy your poo-less future! Enjoy putting less chemicals onto your head, hair, face, and skin! Enjoy buying one less arbitrary product that you don’t need! Enjoy spitting in the face of a bogus societal norm while smiling with naturally clean and sparkling locks!

David William
February 24, 2011

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  1. So…. I have cheated a bit.I am washing my hair once a month and with very little product. It is very challenging for me since I have SO much hair and it takes SOOO long to dry naturally and my scalp starts to get very itchy. I hope this summer I will be able to go full out since my hair will dry faster but we will see. But I will be witness to his no poo-ing!

  2. Cheating is tip number 4! I hope the weather gets warmer soon so you can try out your fresh new natural hair dry! Besides, its so much prettier that way!

  3. you got it! i’m dating a princess 🙂

  4. Was seriously mislead after reading the title, thought you’d taken minimalism to a whole new level and figured out how to remove #2’s from your life…

    • I’m not quite there… but it’s an interesting idea for a new goal 🙂

  5. Todd | Channelingmyself

    My poo free adventure began today.

    • So glad to hear! I’m almost at 150 days and still going strong. I will probably post an update shortly. Stay committed! Its the hardest part.

  6. […] few months back I reported on the quest I’ve undertaken to live a shampoo-less life. Well, it has been 150 days. Actually just over 150 days (I started January 4th, […]

  7. I have a couple of questions:
    Did you notice any changes in complexion? Meaning, do you need to use face wash more often than before? How hot is the the water you use to wash your hair, bearable enough temperatures to shower in, or hot enough to kill lice temperatures? Thanks!

    • I didn’t notice any changes in complexion or anything like that. I usually just crank the shower hot (I prefer nice and warm showers). That temp is enough to clean my hair. It’s probably not hot enough to kill anything, but if I had lice I’d investigate a natural remedy.

  8. I have seborrheic dermatitis. I am on day 15 of my one month “no shampoo” experiment. My skin is worse than ever just like I expected. My scalp and face is itchy and dry. I have flakes the size of rice grains and dimes. I spend hours scratching off skin although I shouldn’t. A few hours later after I finish, my skin is dry, crusty, and scabby and I start scratching again. I have used dandruff shampoos for 25 years so I assume my body is adjusting to the change.

    I also think my hair smells like gasoline and skunks now, but my girlfriend says it smells fine.

    The most effective treatment I have ever found for my seborrheic dermatitis is living in warm tropical climates and swimming in the ocean.

    I am stubborn so I plan to continue my experiment, though. I hope my dandruff disappears, but right now I am skeptical.

  9. I have finished my 30 day “no shampoo” experiment. I must say this experiment
    wasn’t enjoyable. My hair became a blizzard when I ran my hand through it. The flakes in my hair became nearly the size of cornflakes. My head was constantly itchy and I could
    barely have sex, read, or sleep. I felt like a disgusting scumball.

    A few days ago, however, I noticed my scalp starting to improve. My dandruff did not disappear, but became more patchy. Since I was finished with the experiment and discovered that I have dandruff whether I use or don’t use shampoo, I decided
    to start using shampoo again. Basically I found that if I don’t use shampoo, I save money and have dandruff. If I use shampoo, I spend money and have dandruff, but I feel cleaner and have more self-esteem.

    My skin is sensitive to cold temperatures, but I personally wouldn’t advise anyone to give up on shampoo. Companies make shampoo because it’s better than nothing. I learned my lesson. This past month was torture for me.

    • Dry, thanks for sharing and for giving it such a thorough test. I have for the most part abandoned project. I was in Chicago and Denver and the cold really dried me out. I suppose climate can play a huge role in it too. Hmmm… I am only using Castille soaps now and I am quite pleased.

  10. I have started the no shampoo life but I do the alternative and use baking soda as a shampoo mixed with water to make it paste like and apple cider viniger mixed with water for conditioner. I also found alternatives for things like deoderant, lip balm, lotion, and cream. All with items at home that you find in your cabinets. To coment back at Dry there is a no shampoo for dandruff as well alternatives. Water maybe be a big factor as to the dandruff also.

    If you try tye BS method and ACV method it can help. What you do is you make a strong potent of Bs and put it dorectly were you,get your build up comb from root too tip but do not use a strong mixture of BS often, many say that it could ruin your hair. You can try to scrup in green tee and if that does not work try a citrus mix into your hair. For condition Aple cider vinger
    could work if not try white. The dandruff will eventually leave but it takes time.

    I recommend the citrus mix after washing your hair with baking soda.

  11. Also like to add and this is going to sound wiers but you could also try an egg for your dandruff. There many many sites that provide tips and advice on no-shampoo methods. there are two sites that I follow for my no-shampoo life.

  12. That is one nice motorbike, any idea what model it is?

  13. Scott, forgive my delay. The bike is a ’69 CB350. You can find more on it here:

  14. Isaac Garcia

    My hair is, naturally, very oily, so this gives me hope! I have one question: What about hair products? Do you use any? if so, which?

  15. Eryn Kazda

    Sebaceous glands secrete the oily, waxy substance called sebum (Latin, meaning fat or tallow) that is made of triglyceride oils, wax, squalene, and metabolytes of fat-producing cells.^,:..

    With best thoughts <

  16. I just have to say that your face is handsome, like seriously you’re super cute/adorable…do you have a single twin?
    Yes that is a weird comment, the internet brings out different things in us all.
    Very interesting read, I have recently started the whole no soap showering/minimalist/vegan life…and it’s not awful, just different. Anyhow, i think it’s crazy what we consume just because we’ve been told it’s beneficial.

    Anyway you’re cool, your face is cool, and your girlfriend is lucky, and I’m…

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