Empty Your Pockets

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My pockets are now empty! These are the things I carry.

This post is a nod to the brilliant Minimalist Wallet Series by Serena at Everyday Minimalist. If you do not know about her blog, stop reading and go to it now. I’m serious. Leave this page and hit that link. You will thank me.

So my fascination with the things we carry goes back to at least the 7th grade when I discovered how cool cargo pockets were… You could stuff three candy bars, a Gatorade, a Limp Bizkit CD, and a Zack Morris mobile phone in your pockets. Fortunately for future me, that phase was short lived. I hate carrying things in my pockets now.

So, the things I carry:

This photo was taken this morning on my way out the door. I’d say it’s an accurate portrayal of the things you can find in my pockets on any given day. So when you see me walking down the street, go ahead and stop me and ask me to empty my pockets. This is what you’ll find, though the cash flow is subject to change.

A Breakdown:

LG cellphone with T-Mobile. Nothing terribly fancy here. Slow internet, unlimited data and minutes, great battery life.
Chapstick, any brand. I’m easy.
Wallet -It’s actually the insert to a wallet, but since I only need a few dividers this one works for me.
Capital One Credit Card -$5K limit, I’m rich! (I pay it off monthly)
Bank of America Credit Card -$650 limit, I’m super rich! (I pay it off monthly)
Bank of America Debit Card – I’m debating canceling with big bad evil BoA and maybe going with Charles Schwab. Any thoughts? Oh yeah, and that is an Anne Geddes pink little kid in a flower pot theme…
San Diego Public Library Card, pretty beat up and rugged, not sure why it can’t handle much abuse.
California Drivers License because I’m a big boy and I share the road!
2 Keys. This one I am very proud of. I only have 2 keys. One for my 1985 Toyota 4Runner and the other for my studio. I re-wired my 1969 Honda CB350 motorcycle so it no longer needs a key and my 1947 CZ motorcycle doesn’t require a key (photos to come!).
Cash -I found this $20 last night in a Christmas card from my Grandpa. Glad I didn’t junk that one!

The less junk and excess headache I carry around with me, the better. And if you still haven’t yet checked out the Minimalist Wallet Series, please do. I don’t receive anything from it, but if you’ve enjoyed this post, you’ll love that series.

David William
February 22, 2011

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  1. frostwire download

    trying to find you on facebook, wats your profile

    • Sorry, at the moment I don’t have a profile. I’m just using this site and twitter. You can follow me there though!

  2. Andrew Pelt

    […]Woh I love your blog posts, saved to fav[…]…

    • Thanks for the good words Andrew! I have quite big plans for the future of this blog (and my life) so I look forward to having you along. If you have any topic suggestions, please send them my way!

  3. Brian Gerald Murphy

    Ditch Bank of America! They are awful. I had them for a few years, wish I cancelled sooner. I would recommend TD Bank, but that’s not around you. ING Direct is great but you need a brick-and-mortar bank account to connect it to.

    • I hear a lot about how bad BoA is in the news, but I haven’t personally had any bad experiences. I would like to support a bank that doesn’t have such a rough reputation though. I will need to investigate this INGDirect further. I welcome any suggestions! 🙂

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  5. Hi, I’ve been looking into renting a warehouse soon and switching over completely to a more bohemian oriented life style. Which is how I came across your awesome blog. To the point: so I was wondering if you could blog about how you wired your motorcycle to be keyless. I’m getting a YZF 600, Yamaha, this feburary thats coming & going keyless sounds like something I’d like to do.

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