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Originally created nearly 10 years ago, Almost Bohemian served as a travel and lifestyle blog for a curious and enthusiastic young american looking to find his place on earth. Well, that young guy finished grad school, sold damn near all his stuff and moved out of his warehouse. He set out east from California with a pretty gal by his side. They traveled the earth all the way around, east east east for near two years til they found themselves ready for a proper home. They settled down with her pup, and even adopted an old one-eyed dog. Later, they would foster-fail another pup after the pirate dog moved on to that farm upstate. The young couple hit the end of their twenties and even started feeling grown up. They got married. They even had some babies. With all this time on their hands now, they got to building and creating a home. 

Fulfilling its original purpose, the website was left to dust-collecting on the archives of the internet. In recent months, we’ve decided to begin the process of sharing the creative process again. This website will now serve as the catalog for the almost bohemian, showcasing original works of art, furniture, design, and more.