The Year of the Vagabond

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I’ve been traveling for the better part of eight years now. The idea of home seems complex and awkward. Is it where I’ve ditched my box of keepsakes and milkcrates of books? Well then, my mom’s crawlspace and my pop’s attic is home. Is it based on my current mailing address or where I sleep at night? Truly, I’m not so sure it even matters. One can live in the same town their whole life and have the mindset of a traveler, or by opening their doors they can meet folks from all over the world.


The mindset of the traveler is a life of inquisition.




The new year begins the next chapter in my life, informally The Year of the Vagabond, though I have no reason to believe it will only be a year. Either way, it started off right with a 4800 mile (7700 km) road trip across the states, and still another 3000 mile road trip in three weeks. Southern California has been my home base for almost exactly three years, so it’ll be good for me to have a change of scenery.

Come February I’ll be in south Florida (hopefully) pulling a short stint as a mate on a fishing boat. When the weather warms in Europe we’ll be heading that way, and continuing east, all the way east, through and around the Middle East. The plan then includes getting to Moscow for the Trans-Siberian to Trans-Mongolian train trip. Hello to Asia and Southeast Asia to India. 


So yes, the year of the vagabond.



I am not born for one corner, the whole world is my native land. -Seneca, c. 3 B.C.-A.D. 65

I do hope to meet up with some of you on my travels. Please drop me a line anytime.



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  1. Just started saving my money to go to Patagonia…hope to be there by early 2013.

    • Matt, you just may beat me there, but if it ends up I’m in South America, you know I’m seeking you out!

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  3. So now I’m supposed to refer to your site as simply ‘bohemian’ then..?

    Best of luck mate, I look forward to the year ahead and trying to figure out what country we will (hopefully) collide in.

    • Hah! Andrew, you know it’s still only almost. The bohemian life may take a lifetime to develop.

      Now, paris or Nepal?

  4. you and meg can stay at our place in Marseille if you come within the next 10 months. As long as you don’t mind sleeping with heart sheets and hot wheel posters on the wall.

    Fair warning, we live in a tough neighborhood in the middle of marseille. But there are tons of baguettes and good cheap eats about. Plus the St Charles Train station is 5 minutes walk from our place.

    Your writing is beautiful. For some reason it reminds me of my husbands writing. Just a little. I’m not even sure how but it does.

    • Annie, the tough neighborhoods are the only ones for me! You can bet we will be there! 🙂

      Also, thanks for the compliments on the writing style. Your husband must be quite the cool guy. 🙂

  5. Props to you! The first half of my year is going to be a combination attempting to travel as much as I can within my current job.

    If I can’t find satisfaction in that I’m ready to transition to hit the road. Looking to circle America before I take on the world.

    • Charlie, let’s connect here, or shoot, abroad as well! Make the coins you need but man, be sure to hit the roads. This is our time!

      • I am taking care of my obligations to my debtors and going to learn to travel on the lean while I do. After that I will be free on the road. I look forward to meeting up with you in the wild.

  6. Sounds like one hell of a plan! Kent and I will be knocking of some biggies this year – likely China and India at the very least. Perhaps our paths will cross.

    Will you be blogging while you travel?

    Give our best to Meg, BTW.

    • Caanan, I will certainly be writing the whole way. And yes, let the paths be crossed this year. India, china, who knows but it’ll be right to be out there wandering.

  7. Can’t wait to KEEP traveling with you… Now to be tourists in San Diego for a few days! Possibly a fish taco, walk on the beach or a visit to wine country! The world is almost at our toes!

    • Today is your last day of work Meg, so now is our time to be tourists in our own town!

  8. Hey David,

    It would have been cool to grabbed a beer or coffee when you were here in Denver, we could have discussed the Tebow debacle. Anyway, I envy your ability to travel I hope you have an adventurous year.

    • Aw Todd, sorry we missed you. I didn’t realize you were in Denver! Well, I was sure to take a knee for Tebow, in the heart of the city.

  9. This is so exciting! I do hope you and Meg will be sharing your stories along the way! So happy for you!

    • Liane, of course! My purpose right now is to experience and share. One and the same! I hope you keep doing the same. 🙂

  10. Already happy for you! Sounds like an epic ‘year’ indeed! It’s funny because originally I told myself it would also be “a year” but it’s just been part of my life journey and still in transition. Good luck in your travels! And if you don’t mind a humble adobe, you two are always welcome!

    • Janet, you now I’ll be happily on my way to crash at your place. It sounds mystical and magical.

  11. Hi there,
    this is close to my heart. Would love to hear more about your Siberian/Mongolian travels. I’m looking for the best way to get from Istanbul to Tasmania, and wouldn’t mind (would be THRILLED) to go via Mongolia. Please keep your travel details posted – you’re in my reader!

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  14. Although get to know about this little late, but done my part – travel to India, seriously an incredible country, love the colorful market, religion and above all the local people of India. Enjoy and explore as much as possible David

  15. Just travel China, Nepal & Dubai. had great fun. I would be in India, Agra next year, will you be there..!

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