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February 16th, 2012


A year ago today this blog was birthed into this world. So, in celebration of a year of learning, experimenting, experiencing, and even some achieved life goals, I ask you to please share something with me here.


Link your blog and other blogs you can recommend in the comments below. If you’re not into leaving comments, send me an email:


Dig through your RSS feeds and email lists. Or if there’s anything at all that gets you going, keeps your attention, challenges you, or anything at all. I’m looking to expand my fields of knowledge and interests, so please share generously!



Thank you for reading, engaging, and sharing.

To another year!


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  1. Happy Birthday to Almost Bohemian! Your blog’s birthday also fall’s on Uncle Mike’s birthday, and he is one cool guy. Maybe it was meant to be like that. You already know all the blogs I love. I think I share them with you as I go. My favorite blog right now is (but that’s not fair, I am being biased)

    I’ll keep sending you articles I love, and blogs I subscribe too. I remember the day this blog was born. How time flies when you are writing greatness.

    • Meg, I know you won’t hesitate to send me a new blog or article! And I agree with you on since that’s certainly my favorite new blog! 🙂

  2. Frenchy Caroline

    Happy Birthday to your blog David! I want to share with you a guy that I’ve just discovered on youtube. He is not famous but his voice is just magical….


    • Caroline, thanks for sharing that link! Your blog is a great way to also come across new interesting folks. I may even say you’re one of the ultimate sharers!

  3. Sure, I’ll share something that has been on my mind. It’s slightly political, but I won’t take a ‘left or right’ side here. Being election year, the “issues” are on the forefront of a lot of people’s minds. There are TONS of issues, but I think there is one single, solitary issue that if fixed would practically force the rest of the issues to fix themselves.

    This issue is the current debauchery of our currency. I’m not the inventor of this idea, but isn’t at all mainstream as of yet either. The nation gave away their right to print money to a private bank, who loans it to us with interest to be paid back. The only way to keep it going is to continue to print more (to pay old debt). The more of something there is, the less it’s worth and this will continue to hit the people harder and harder.

    “The surest way to destroy a nation is to debauch its currency.” – Vladimir Lenin

  4. Happy birthday to your blog! I love your posts on warehouse living. We just moved into a smaller house this past summer, but now I’m thinking we need to downsize even more into a warehouse we own. Our tenants left and we’ve got a big wide-open space downtown we need to do something with.

    Thank you for sharing your ideas and yourself!

  5. Happy birthday indeed. I’ve come across this blog through several unrelated channels and love everything I read here.

    I blog at, where I write about travel, adventure, and my quest to meet the gods.

    • Drew, I have come across your blog a few times, and I’ll add it to my queue! Thanks for the good words too!

  6. Happy blog birthday! I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read here so far. The posts that stick in my mind are the ones about not using shampoo and sleeping in a hammock. Both very thought-provoking!

    Also, I hope you and Meg are having a fantastic time on your travels so far!

    Hmm, I could reel off a huge list of blogs here, but I’ll try and keep it minimal. These are the ones that are inspiring me right now:

    And then there’s me, at, where I write about using yoga as a tool for achieving happiness. It’s slowly but steadily developing… 🙂

    • Rebecca, there are a few I’ve never seen there, so thanks for sharing! I’ll be popping by your blog too now! 🙂

  7. Happy birthday, bro.


    • Thanks Josh! I’ll be giving you a shout in a future post here soon, next week I reckon! Stay tuned!

  8. Happy birthday! Here are a few of our favorites:


    Wired 2 the World:

    A Lot of Wind:

  9. Happy bloggoversary! Have very much enjoyed your writings thus far, keep up the good work! If your upcoming travel route goes via Berlin or Helsinki, consider dropping us a line for a meetup!

    We blog about health, happiness and productivity at:

  10. Happy blog anniversary!

    My favourite blogs at the moment are: (I love finding reading lifestyle blogs, and since I don’t live in the U.S this one about living on a farm in Colorado is fascinating, to me!).

    My blog is 🙂

  11. Todd | Channelingmyself

    Congrats Dave on your 1 year anniversary.

  12. Already shared with you, but I am doing it again! I include paleo-ish recipes with few ingredients, plus some food for thought.

    Another that has recently been born, but was a longtime dream for my boyfriend, is Exist Anew at

    Your stuff is great– The Myth of Being Born With It was one of my favorite posts. Enjoy the logs!

  13. *blogs. I just couldn’t let it go! 🙂

  14. Hey David! Living in a warehouse is an absolute dream of mine especially since I’m a photographer. Having a studio/house would really come in handy.
    Anyway, I would like to share my blog:
    and one of my favorites:
    More power to your projects! 🙂

  15. Hi, Happy birthday! I just discovered your site today through the living in a warehouse post. I’ll definitely be looking around some more.
    I dont think it’s really related to your blog, but I’ll share it with you since you asked. I blog about photography, art and design here:

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