Ignore the Experts IV

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May 16th, 2011

“Ours has been the first [expedition], and doubtless to be the last, to visit this profitless locality.”
-Lt. Joseph Ives, after visiting the Grand Canyon in 1861.

Joespeh Ives was part of the first U.S. War Department Expedition into the area. It was basically his job to go out and scout the regions for trade prospects and resources. His limited vision left him to boldly claim the worthlessness of the mighty Colorado River and the Grand Canyon.

Recall that this ‘profitless locale’ now encompasses Las Vegas.


Lt. Ives was the supposed to be the expert. Yet he couldn’t have been more wrong (though his right hand man did have amazing chops). How many experts do you know? How many experts tell you about a profitless locale? I’m referring to your blog, your new business, your struggling old business, or your wild ideas that even your spouse struggles to believe in.


Ignore the experts. Become the expert and re-write history.



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I nicked the above photo from the ever-inspiring blog No Promise of Saftey. Urban explorers to the absolute extreme. Talk about re-defining what it means to be an expert!


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  1. Hey David,

    You are so right. I see it everyday, the so called experts with their foot in there mouth. That is exactly why we need more leaders and less followers so the truth can can rise to the top. – Tony

    • I hadn’t considered that notion Tony, but you seem to be right. If we had more leaders, it would surely raise the bar a bit. In some ways I like being the leader, but also I really like being an informed follower. It makes the leaders even more relevant. In this case though, we could all use a good ass kicking to become the leader of what makes us passionate.

  2. Couldn’t agree more. There has to be a recurring theme of ‘who made these idiots the experts anyway’?

    I’ve been thinking a lot about circles of influence lately and how this ties in with your experts series, it’s almost come down to: ignore the experts, ignore the detractors, find your own circle.

    Ol’ Lt. Ives had a point though, there wouldn’t be as many quickie weddings…

    • The craziest thing for me, is that there are even higher up ‘experts’ that deem these ‘experts’ the best. You’re certainly on to something with the idea that we need to find out own circle. Seth Godin talks about that a lot, and I hugely agree. So we must find or create our own circle of influence. I’m not sure what we do with that, but I guess it’s all part of the life examined.

  3. Todd | Channelingmyself

    Reminds me of some of the headlines I’ve been seeing lately about Stephen Hawking denying the existence of heaven.

    • Funny, I was just reading about this. I do find it interesting how he compares the human brain with a computer… though that could easily be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Either way, he is a good example of an ‘expert’… Taking it all with a grain of salt.

  4. I’m loving the ‘circle’ idea too. Your reality is dictated by the people with whom you spend your time. Because all that is certain is this bundle of perceptions we have; that’s all we know, and all we can know. Everything else out there is far from certain and more than open to debate.

    Very interesting post David 🙂

    • It reminds me of that ‘show me your friends and I’ll show you your future’ line. As for the circle of influence, perhaps that’s why I’d like to have a really wide circle in my life, so I get a bit from a diverse range of people…

  5. This is interesting. I don’t think I do trust the experts though anyway. Technology is changing so much that you can’t really trust anything. You get a new electronic and then 3 months later a better one comes out. This post is different from the rest though becasue you are not talking about a product really you are talking about a natural wonder that someone thought wouldn’t be beneficial to our land. Apparently he was clearly wrong. What kind of things are people saying now that we will look back and be like WOW. did he really say that? I think I would be able to relate better that way. 🙂

    I know I am asking you to predict the future…. but do you have any ideas?

    • Awesome challenging comment Meg! I guess I’ve been intentionally skirting this issue. I’m not sure I can really suggest where people could be wrong specifically, but I’ll take blogging and the internet for one. I believe the internet is going to vaaaaastly change in the next few years. And for the rest of future…

      Education will be significantly changed from how we knew it and how we currently know it. With quality free content becoming increasingly available, those seeking an education will have access to the best. Yale and MIT have an extensive selection of their coursework available for free online. Think about what that means?! Paying $20,000 a year for education will be gone.

      As for blogging, I think (or hope) that soon the days will be gone where everyone has a product to sell. Those people will be known as blogketers (blog marketers, yes I did make that up). Others that write to write and produce great content without selling something will become more valuable and sought out.

      Whew! Okay enough of my oracle life. Didn’t I already say no one knows the future?


  6. Mark Robertson

    I just worry you’ll have to deal with being an expert soon, David ;),

    • Yikes! Never! Or at least, I hope that I always question and always keep learning new ways to approach and understand this life.

  7. […] But it’s good to connect with folks and get their view of things. Just remember that even the experts can be wrong. Of course, your emails, questions and comments are always welcomed and […]

  8. Hi David,
    I wouldn’t want to hire an electrician to do my plumbing. So there are “many angles to every angle”. You’re cracking me up with these recent controversial headlines. Respect the experts but check if there is a better way. How is that for yet another angle.
    I’m about to get a book about creativity with a title: “Ignore everybody…”. Here we go again, he,he.

  9. Btw: I found that creativity book for free here:
    Otherwise is $20 on Amazon or iBooks. I think it’s the same or similar thing.

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