How I Learned to Avoid Eye Contact

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August 2nd, 2012
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Navigating through crowds is a hassle. Train stations, busy sidewalks, airports, street markets, and every day life in a city can be a pain in the ass. People walking every which way, crossing your path, you crossing theirs, no one happy with their progress and everyone bumping and mucking about with annoyance.


But not for me.


There’s a trick I learned a few years back when living in Chicago: the importance of looking past people.


The next time you are in a crowded space, look past the people going against you. Set your sights on a point beyond them and you will find yourself seamlessly navigating the crowd. When you make eye contact with someone going against your grain, you both move to the same direction and that awkward dance takes place. Left, right, left, ‘you go’, ‘no, you go’.


Avoid it. Learn to look past people.


This advice works figuratively too.

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  1. Love it, like always. I don’t know if I look past people, or if I just make my own path. Either way, it can be frustrating if you are not on a mission to get somewhere. I will exercise this technique tonight at the Eiffel tower. đŸ™‚

  2. I’ve been known to do the ol’ left-right-left-right-left in my time, I can claim to have grabbed a few people by the shoulders to move them one way or the other because neither of us could get our shit together.

    I enjoyed the last line of this post.

  3. This works so well! Many times i’ve used this tactic in London. Also crossing roads in Vietnam…all those scooters, just look ahead and go. You catch eye contact and you’re toast!

    Love the blog, kind regards, Si

    ps. Would love you to submit to submit a photo to our Picture The World Project

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  5. The Bangkok Kid

    Lived in Bangkok for 2 years, and this really helped me out too. If you leave your residence to go “window shopping” without a clear destination in mind you will get scammed or approached by a scammer. When you’re looking past people with a clear destination in mind even the Indian suit salesmen don’t bother you (which is really saying a lot).

  6. LOL. One of the first lessons learned in your Gangland neighborhood: Making eye contact is a challenge, and to be avoided at all costs. Better to seem fixed on a distant point, yet not oblivious to one’s surroundings. Purposeful and alert, it’s true that people seem to magically move out of one’s way.

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