There’s Never Enough Time

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11.1.11   If there’s one thing I had thought my retirement would give me, it was time. Sitting in my office life day in and day out, I began to believe that my lack of satisfaction with life had its … Continued

Surely I’m Not Your Sage

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(And Why I Don’t Wear Sunglasses) October 19th, 2011   The past few weeks have been slow posting for me, but surprisingly I’ve been getting a lot of emails about different posts I’ve written up. Connecting with folks on this … Continued

To Be Huck Finn

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October 10th, 2011 There are some things I’ve been exposed to that never held my interest. Race cars, sailboats, pop music, and stock markets float off the top of my head. I’m certain there are more, but some things are … Continued

Red Tide Surfing

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October 3rd, 2011   It’s been a while, something like two weeks… which is pretty lousy of me. But it’s been a damn productive two weeks, and I’m excited to share.   There’s been a red tide here in San … Continued

Retirement at 26 years old

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(or Every Day is Monday) September 20th, 2011     I meant to fire this post off yesterday, but now that I’m fully retired and every day is a Monday, well today is just as good for me. Okay, I’m … Continued

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