Why You Shouldn’t Deactivate Your Facebook

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12.16.11 The cosmic battle of deactivating or keeping facebook has gone on for generations, or at least several years. I’ve seen many a good friend deactivate and later reactivate facebook. Scores of articles, blog posts, and wars have been fought … Continued

The Minimalists Aren’t Bullshit

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12.12.11   I’ve had the esteemed pleasure to host Josh and Ryan of The Minimalists as they passed through San Diego on their Minimalist 33 city tour. Seeing as the warehouse is the ideal crashpad, it only makes sense to … Continued

I Peed My Pants in College

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11.21.11 I used to fear embarrassing stories. In fact, I even kept an embarrassing story handy in case someone ever asked me my most embarrassing moment. I would then whip one out without ever telling them my real most embarrassing … Continued

The Trophy Case of the Intellectual

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11.8.11 Most folks aren’t impressed by your trophy collection, which is why they remain hidden away in your attics and crawlspaces. Trophy cases are for high school hallways and trophies are for high school heroes. Your sixth place green ribbon … Continued

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