1969 Honda CB350

1969 Honda CB350 K1 completely rebuilt



I’ve completely gone through this bike. I’ve had it just under two years. I have modified it a bit, but any modifications have been on aftermarket parts. I still have all the original parts. What I’ve done since I bought it:

complete top end motor rebuild
new gaskets
new piston rings
valves professionally cleaned
cylinder sleeves re-honed
points rebuilt and reset
new tires
clubman handlebars
removed the key and installed a hidden toggle switch to turn the bike on
slimmed down the electrical
replaced the throttle tube
new mirrors
removed the turn signals
replaced the rear running light/ brake light with a smaller set up
replaced license plate mount
chopped down fender
new spark plugs
new clutch cable
new throttle cable
new throttle cable seal in motor
new gas cap
replaced tappet covers
new battery
new chain
removed chain guard
removed the tool kit box
new air filters
new fuel lines and in-line fuel filters
carburetors rebuilt
new hand grips
seat reupholstered
every bolt in the motor has been replaced with brand new Allen key bolts





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  • Great job on the rebuild! I’m currently rebuilding the same bike, and am about to put it back together. Could you recommend a reputable manufacturer for gasket kits and seals?

    Keep it up!

    Sorry for just seeing this comment now, but I just bought the gasket set off eBay. They are a dime a dozen for cb350. If you’re ever in need of direction though, Carpy has it all.

    9 Sep 2012, 5:02am
    by clements-andrew@hotmail.com


    Really digging the semi-cafe man.
    Iv’e go the same model.
    Just wondering where you got the seat cover?

    The half cafe style turned out well on this one. I didn’t want to go too naked here. The seat is the same style as the original would have been. I worked with a local shop and they gave me plenty of options. I’d guess any upholstery shop would be able to point you along.

    13 Sep 2012, 7:59pm
    by Dale Roney


    Very nice CB.

    Thanks Dale! It was a bit of work, but I enjoyed it. Of course, like most bikes, it was sold just the same… :(

    [...] to another and it’s after dark, stumbling to the border time. I’m always building or fixing something, so it’s not unusual for me to have a knife in my pocket. Well, the Mexican law [...]

    Great job on the bike, it really looks wonderful! I am looking at a same model bike in pretty bad condition to fix it up. This is my first project bike, and I have little experience working on bikes like this. How difficult of a bike was it to work on? Any recommendations?

    Where did you get the cable set replacement (i.e., clutch, front brake, speedo, tach)? Thanks!

    sweet bike,you did a great job with it

    just debating about buying a project 70, would you recommend doing this bike, or are parts getting tough to find?

    I have a CB 350 that looks like yours, it came from a barn in central Wisconsin, this is the first motorcycle I am attempting to bring back to life. This one has stock handle bars, and the tail light is more oval. I have coined it a 1968. In my research the year a motorcycle is adorned with is the year it was sold, which I think is a unique concept. I call it a “68 because of the tail light for the most part. It had a broken off spark plug in the left cylinder, After I got the plug body out, and cleaned the carbs and cleaned the tank, it fired right up. it was missing a bit on the right cylinder, I being a rookie at this, I called in a very good friend who is a former 1%er of the H.A. who is fighting a genetic brain abnormality that has him in a wheel chair, he is 42 and while he almost checked out last November, he is still with us and sharp as a tack when it comes to motorcycles. I invited him over so I could get his take on the miss in the right cylinder, just before he got here, I had been working on her, timing, I noticed a leaking of air out of the spark plug socket that had the broken spark plug in it. I pulled the plug and ran the spark plug thread chaser through the hole, I thought I should turn it all the way in to seat the chaser into the socked, I snugged it good. pulled it out put in the plug , and set the timing the crank to the cam. Then my partner wheeled in, and I hit the starter it turned over excessively, ( it had been starting right up, I had not set the timing before ) it fired up only to blow fire out of the exhaust from the header pipe I have no mufflers on it, this on the left side. It was a good solid back fire from the left cylinder. He said shut her down, he said I’d blow the gaskets if I kept her running. I went right back to the timing, It took me no time to lose power on the left points, I had put pressure on the wire connector to the left cylinder points I felt the terminal move ever so little. She would not fire up again I checked the power to the points with a test light and no power. My partner said a compression test was needed. I thought why , she was running pretty good until I messed with the timing. His call was test the compression. That is where we left her for the day. I went back to her and as I went back to the electric problem I found I had shorted the points when I moved the terminal. As I was straightening out that screw up I thought about his take on compression I went to my tool box and picked up the thread chaser and noticed how long it is, The tread chaser is slightly longer than the spark plug, So I pulled the plug and turn the crank so the exhaust valve was open, with flash light in hand I saw the scuff on the valve from the thread chaser. I bent the exhaust valve. A rookie mistake. Well the replacement valves came yesterday, I am putting her back together I am at the point of putting the side covers on (that hold the cam and rocker pins, I have the cam torqued to the cam chain sprocket, and with the left rockers loose on the cam while the left cylinder is at the top , note the exhaust is just opening on the right side, I can’t get the side covers on over the cam shafts and rocker pins, I was stressing the left side cover last night when I stopped and had to force it back off in the process smashing the tip of my little finger, it is still pounding this morning, As for continuing with my twin to yours I need more information, the repair manual does not elaborate, it just says put on the side covers, To this point including the valves from Canada, a working speedometer from Ohio , tail light lens(i am still waiting for from Thailand) , and the motorcycle I have a total of $250.00 into her.


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