1947 CZ 125cc two-stroke

project: 1947 CZ 125cc two-stoke with a tank hand shifter

Completed! Just need to get a new or rebuilt magneto/ dyno/ flywheel. It runs though and looks sharp. Big thanks to Brian and the guys over at San Diego Small Engine for letting me use their shop, tools, and for all their time, patience, and assistance.


CZ started as a division of the Skoda works as the Czech arms factory, Ceska Zbrojovka. Literally in English it means ‘weapons factory’.

It is my understanding this is the same year, make, and model of James Dean’s first motorcycle. I even have the original title.

Links that I hope will help me along:






I also just found out:

This model is often referred to as the 125a. They were not officially imported, but mine was probably brought back by a US Serviceman. It is basically a prewar design. The next model is the 125b, which is mostly modern design. It has the foot shift and hand clutch with a girder fork. By 1949 the 125t had the telescopic forks.

Please drop me an email if you have any additional info that may be helpful!



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  • I need some help identifying my cz 125 twin pipe . I
    also need info on locating parts . I think it is 1946/47.
    Also pictures would help .
    Thank you,
    Bob Collie

    25 Oct 2012, 2:22pm
    by Pavol Kalavsky


    hi guys,

    if you need to know anything about these post-war early cz models just ask me. i will try to help you as much as i can or i will search info on the czech websites and will translate it for you then.

    @Bob-drop me an email with pics. i will be happy to help you.


    25 Oct 2012, 6:28pm
    by Bob Collie



    Thanks for responding to my message. Looking for left side (mag) cover, seat, foot pegs and mounts, toolbox, throttle housing, grips and any manuals you can find. Any help you can provide will be great appreciated.

    What is your e-mail so i can send you these pictures?

    Bob (bulletbob76@rocketmail.com)

    hey bob,
    I wrote you an email on the email address provided here.


    30 Oct 2012, 6:21pm
    by Bob Collie


    Please send me your email address again and I can send you some pics .

    hey bob,

    it’s p_kalavsky(at)yahoo.co.uk

    8 Dec 2012, 5:10pm
    by Mitch Pierce



    I also have a 1947 CZ 125 that was my father’s. He spent decades looking for a new magneto or finding someone who could charge the one on this bike. He had several magnetos all bad. Turns out that this is a common problem with this model. I did however, find a Berlin company that makes and sells a “Vape unit” which replaces the original magneto with a alternator system that fits inside the original magneto housing. I believe it cost me about $300. I’m still looking for the time to start my renovation.
    Allan and Winifred Cleaver at was a big help and turned me on to the company in Berlin that sells the vape unit. Also Chris Quinn in Australia could be a good resource for you at ctquinn@bigpond.net.au.
    The website to the company in Berlin ishttp://www.powerdynamo.biz/eng/systems/7150/35161main.htm

    I hope this information is helpful to you.

    Sincerely, Mitch

    Hi Mitch,

    yes, you can solve it with the ignition, I have VAPE on my small Jawa Mustang (with no historical value).

    BUT imagine a grandma going for a plastic surgery. Her boobs might like fine but it’s certainly weird:) got it?


    8 Dec 2012, 5:27pm
    by Mitch Pierce


    Hey Guys,

    I also have a 1947 CZ 125a. It was my father’s. He tried to solve the problem with the magneto for decades. I inherited the bike once he died. I was able to find a company in berlin, http://www.powerdynamo.biz/eng/systems/7150/35161main.htm That builds and sells a unit called a “vape unit” which is designed to replace the original magneto in this bike. It cost me about $300. A couple other contacts that may help you for parts are Allan & Winifred Cleaver and Chris Quinn in Australia.
    Chris email; ctquinn@bigpond.net.au

    I hope this helps.
    Sincerely, Mitch

    Mitch, thanks for the info! I am glad to see the ball rolling here. That dynamo was giving me a headache, so a huge thanks to your pops for solving that one. I’ll investigate that further when I get back to the states in May. We will certainly be in touch!

    8 Dec 2012, 5:56pm
    by Mitch Pierce


    Hey guys, Sorry that the contact info on Allan and Winifred Cleaver did not come through in my original e-mail Also try the guys at edgar@mz-b.de ;
    Again hope this all helps, Mitch

    14 Nov 2013, 4:31pm
    by Alan Soria


    hI Pavol, could you pelase help me out with info regarding an old 125cc cz Thanks. My e Mail is alansoria29@hotmail.com

    26 Jul 2014, 1:14pm
    by Bob Chantland


    Jawa and CZ enthusiasts might be interested to know that I have both 1940s hand and footshift 125cc model CZs still new in their original crates. I’ve had them for about 30 years and bought them at an old dealer auction in Pennsylvania……Bob Chantland Cell #763-370-3992


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